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BigCarrot Forums User Agreement


Considering the real-time nature of the BigCarrot forums and the volume of messages received, it is impossible for BigCarrot, LLC (the “Operator”) to verify the information posted. The Operator does not vouch for or warrant the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any message, and is not responsible for the contents of any message. Users should be particularly wary of medical, legal or other professional advice posted on the message board and recognize that it is no substitute for in-person consultation with a competent professional. Messages express the views of their authors, not necessarily the views of BigCarrot, or any entity associated with it.

Abuse of the Forums

Users, through the use of this service, shall agree that the BigCarrot forums will not be used to post any material that the User knows or should know is false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or violative of U.S. law. The User agrees not to post material that, in the opinion of the Operator, fosters or promotes activity that is illegal in the U.S. The Operator reserves the right to revoke the posting privileges of Users misrepresenting themselves on the BigCarrot forums.

The BigCarrot forums are intended as a medium for public discussion. Do not post spam, including but not limited to advertisements, chain letters, pyramid schemes, solicitations, offers to trade or barter, charitable appeals, or other messages primarily intended to promote a cause, venture, organization, event, website, or other entity or activity, whether or not money is involved except as directly related to Contests hosted by BigCarrot. The Operator allows exceptions for worthy causes (in our sole opinion) if the User obtains prior permission from a moderator or administrator.

Do not post the same or similar messages or threads to multiple forums; multiple threads on the same topic; or an excessive number of threads on any topic within a limited period of time. Do not start threads expressly for the purpose of meeting other posters for romantic or sexual purposes. BigCarrot will notify the Internet service provider of any User posting objectionable messages.

Vandalism, tampering, or any other abuse of the site is grounds for immediate banning. The Operator reserves the right to report violators to their Internet service provider and law enforcement.


The Operator reserves the right to delete any message for any or no reason whatsoever. The User remains solely responsible for the content of the User’s messages, and the User agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Operator, and their agents with respect to any claim based upon transmission of the User’s message(s).

Age Requirement

Minimum age for registration on the BigCarrot forums is 13 years. Registrants found to be younger than 13 will have their posting privileges revoked. The BigCarrot forums content is intended for mature audiences.

Use of Copyrighted Material

Users agree not to post any copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by the User or by the Operator of the BigCarrot forums, except as permitted by the "fair use" provisions of the U.S. copyright laws (in general this means brief excerpts only). Users agree to abide by the wishes of the board moderators in interpreting and enforcing these rules. Refusal to cooperate with board moderators or to abide by these rules is grounds for revocation of the Users posting privileges.

User Conduct

Users are free to express their views in a forceful manner provided they remain civil. Hate speech, insults, and purposely inflammatory remarks (i.e., trolling) will not be tolerated. Do not post threats or state or imply that any individual or group is deserving of harm. BigCarrot recognizes that this rule cannot be strictly applied in discussions of war, capital punishment and the like but urge Users to express themselves in moderate terms nonetheless. If the Operator tells a Users to refrain from behavior that the Operator regards as uncivil, do so or the User will face revocation of all posting privileges.

Do not post links to pornography—the Operator will be the judge of what constitutes pornography. Links to nudity or other potentially shocking or offensive material are permissible only in the context of a mature discussion—gratuitous posting of such links is grounds for revocation of the User’s posting privileges. When posting a link to potentially shocking or offensive material, observe the "two click" rule—don't link directly to the item, but rather to an intermediate page that in turns links to the item. If the User is not sure whether a link is appropriate, contact a moderator or administrator before posting it. Any User who feels a posted message is objectionable should contact the moderators of the affected forum by e-mail.

Multiple Accounts

Only one screen name is permitted per User. Use of multiple screen names is grounds for revocation of the User’s right to post under ANY screen name. The Operator reserves the right to refuse postings from screen names the Operator finds objectionable.

Copyright Notice

All postings and other material on the BigCarrot Forums are copyrighted by the BigCarrot, LLC. Republication of material appearing on the BigCarrot forums without express written permission of the BigCarrot, LLC is prohibited, except that Users retain the right to republish their own work. By posting on this board the User grants the Operator and its successors assign a nonexclusive irrevocable right to reuse the User’s posting in any manner it or they see fit without notice or compensation to the User.


The Operator and its agents, including the administrators and moderators of the BigCarrot forums, are not responsible for anything associated with any real life meeting of our members. While the Operator permit BigCarrot forum Users to post announcements and other discussion of meetings and events on the BigCarrot forums, the Operator don't organize, sponsor, endorse, approve, or have any formal association with such events or any activities that may occur at them. The Operator doesn’t vouch for any individual or group organizing or participating in an event. Attend at the User’s own risk. BigCarrot forum moderators and administrators who attend events do so as private individuals and not as representatives or agents of the BigCarrot, LLC. The Operator encourages all attendees at these events to obey the laws of the jurisdiction in which they are held.