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Fix Ordered / Unordered Lists in TinyMCE



TinyMCE is an open source, JavaScript "What You See Is What You Get" HTML editor. It provides many useful features for creating and modifying an (X)HTML document within an internet browser, without requiring any knowledge of (X)HTML syntax. It is available for free download from:

Currently, the functionality for creating and modifying ordered, unordered and nested lists within TinyMCE does not work in a predictable manner. The goal of this challenge is to provide a JavaScript software fix which will provide predictable behavior when creating or modifying lists with TinyMCE.


A successful solution shall adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Be written entirely in JavaScript.

2. Integrated with the TinyMCE framework using any of the following methods: integrated into the latest stable release, as a publicly available patch or as a publicly available TinyMCE plugin.

3. Cause no regression in functionality of TinyMCE. Any behavior within TinyMCE not related to the creation and modification of lists and nested lists shall not be affected by the use of the provided solution.

4. Accept syntactically correct XHTML loaded directly into any textarea element which is to be converted to a TinyMCE editor.

5. Produce syntactically correct XHTML code when exported from TinyMCE using HTTP POST, GET or any methods built into TinyMCE for exporting editor content.

6. Provide the same functionality when editing lists in the following browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 and 7, Mozilla Firefox 2 and Apple Safari 3.

7. Address all of the issues expressed in the following bug report for TinyMCE: Loading Ordered List Not Working Correctly.

8. Work with the latest stable version of TinyMCE available at the time of submission.

The prize shall be awarded to the first individual or enterprise who submits a solution which they have authored and addresses all of the above concerns.

  • Public Domain Intellectual Property Rights

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Prize Information

Prize ID Number: ZQYZAFDGF Prize Author: jakem Prize Organizer: jakem Number of Contributors: 2 Date Started: December 12, 2007

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