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Expose GOP Election Computer Manipulation Prize



We want this prize to provide an incentive for insiders to come forward with documented information to expose politicians and technicians who have been using computers to manipulate election tabulation results in national elections.


We are seeking hard evidence that can be used to convict in a court of law that proves that persons associated with the GOP have intentionally been manipulating election results invisibly during the election night tabulation process. This evidence must address who, what, where and when this manipulation occurred rather than how vulnerable voting machines are or how the statistical evidence indicates fraud. If no claim is submitted by February 1, 2009, all contributions will revert to the non-profit organization, Velvet Revolution, to be used to fund future whistleblower campaigns.

  • Not Applicable Intellectual Property Rights

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Prize Information

Prize ID Number: ZPEKYN9QJ Prize Author: vradmin Prize Organizer: vradmin Number of Contributors: 3 Date Started: October 30, 2008

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