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Random Occurrence of Recognizable Images

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This challenge is to create a distributed-processing screen saver users can install on their computer that will generate random images and compare them to a set of predefined images to see how long it takes for a match to occur.

Imagine a computer screen that is programmed to continuously display random pixels over an unlimited amount of time. Of course, it would produce a lot of visual static, but eventually, just by chance, a recognizable image, like the Mona Lisa, would appear.

In fact, eventually it will also produce an accurate image of Abraham Lincoln’s asassination by John Wilkes Booth. Not only that, but it will display every possible variation of Lincoln’s assignation: being clubbed by John Wilkes Booth, ticked to death by Mary Todd, drown in marmalade by the starting line up of the 1976 Philadelphia Fliers, etc.

Given enough time, the computer will even display an image of the reader sitting in front of his or her computer right now reading this sentence—from every possible angle. Actually, the computer will eventually display images from the reader’s entire life, even events that haven’t occurred yet.

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Prize ID Number: ZAWT0J3SF Prize Author: jkpepper Prize Organizer: jkpepper Date Started: December 12, 2007 Open for Revisions Until: January 15, 2013 09:53 PM EST

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