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notMac Challenge


Winning Submission

Ben Spink
United States of America

After three weeks of testing, it’s clear to me that Ben Spink has delivered a working solution to the notMac Challenge, and I’m very happy to award him the prize money. Thank you to everyone who was generous enough to contribute to the challenge and congratulations to Ben for his hard work.


Create a fully functional replacement for all Apple's non-web-based .Mac integrated services using one's own server that utilizes a one-time installation process requiring only basic technical knowledge and which operates seamlessly and transparently. A first-time Mac user should be able to install the software without any assistance, and a long-time .Mac user should be unable to discern any functional difference.

Prize Information

Prize Author: JG Pepper Prize Organizer: JG Pepper Number of Contributors: 172 Date Started: November 19, 2006 Date Claimed: October 01, 2007